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Difference between hot stretch reducing pipe and LSAW pipe

Date:2018-01-26    View:926      Tag:Difference between hot stretch reducing pipe and LSAW pipe
The differences between hot stretch reducing pipe and LSAW pipe are as follows:
1, resulting in poor quality due to different processes, hot stretch reducing process also conducted a high-frequency straight seam welded pipe welding process can not be found ------ Longitudinal There is no clear boundary within and outside the burr. The presence of burrs can affect the flow of fluids in the tube, and the burrs plug the normal fluid flow, resulting in Whirlpool. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, welding must increase the local pressure, the interruption of the pipeline safety factor is also greatly reduced, thermal drawing to reduce the production process of steel fully consider the burr risk, limit burr removal, so that the thickness of the uniform and no difference in appearance and seamless . Therefore, from this point of view, the hot drawn pipe joint also completed a seamless transition.

2, the quality of welding directly determines the quality of welded pipe, seamless steel pipe welding the biggest difference is. Longitudinal high-frequency welding, straight seam carbon can not be eliminated, the weld and the parent material just connected together, can not be fully integrated into one - can not stand the test of time and pressure. Hot stretch reducing pipe high-frequency welding heating after the whole, the overall annealing temperature of 800 degrees, and then open the process of change, in this series of processes, the weld and the parent organization has the same performance as the complete melting, good from the joints without Transition.
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