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Seamless welding

Date:2018-05-28    View:2884      Tag:Seamless welding
The principle of seamless welding is gas shielded arc welding, known as gas shielded welding or gas welding, which uses arc as a heat source and gas as a protective medium. During the welding process, the protective gas is formed around the arc to form a protective gas layer, to isolate the arc and water pit, to prevent the influence of the harmful gas and to ensure the stable combustion of the arc. Gas shielded welding is classified according to electrode state, operation mode, protection gas type, electrical performance, polarity and application scope.
Seamless welding
Seamless welding is carried out according to specific conditions. Gas shielded welding can be used with different gases, and the commonly used protective gases are carbon dioxide, argon, helium, hydrogen and gas. The advantages of gas arc arc welding are: good wire arc, easy to centering, easy to weld in all position, automatic welding, small welding arc, small welding pool, fast welding speed, narrow heat affected zone, small deformation of welding position, strong crack resistance and good welding quality. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for welding with windy grounds, and the arc radiation is stronger.

In seamless welding, a welding device is a high frequency power converter that converts the electrical frequency of 50 / 60Hz by a transistor function into the power of 20KHz or 40KHz. Welding head is the product of mechanical vibration energy that can be directly transmitted to the need to suppress acoustic devices. Vibration generates heat by welding the workpiece to the surface of the bond to generate heat to melt the plastic, but the strength of the welding is close to that of an adhesive material.

Seamless welding technology not only helps eliminate the weld, but also improves the accuracy, surface finish and appearance of the parts. At the same time, seamless welding technology in the injection molding process to effectively control, shorten the mold processing cycle. Because the products produced by this process have excellent surface finish, it is not necessary to use two plating and annealing to avoid the size change caused by the two contraction.
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