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Seamless Steel Pipe Fire Control

Date:2018-02-27    View:931      Tag:Seamless Steel Pipe Fire Control
The daily use of seamless steel pipe plant is due to a large number of post-processing procedures caused by, in short, this happens, the specific heat return process, the steel is heated to 750 degrees, the heat for some time, slowly cooled to 500 degrees , The final cooling is called the ball in the annealing air. The purpose is to reduce the hardness of steel, improve cutting performance, mainly for high carbon steel. Its main purpose is to refine the organization, standardize seamless steel pipe, improve the performance of steel, close to the balance of the organization.

The steel is heated to a temperature above the critical point (45 ° C quench temperature 840-860 ° C, carbon tool steel quench temperature 760-780 ° C) for a period of time and then cooled in water (oil) at a suitable rate Heat treatment to obtain martensite or bainite is called quenching.

Kg / m ㎡ stable tempered members can not be determined, so the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) also test to determine the tensile properties of 400 ℃ above tempering temperature of the members (with 300 ℃ tempered workpiece). In other words only reverse the quality of pieces (+400 degrees quenching and tempering) tensile test. In the industry only requires the use of tempering components when the anti-rotation bending fatigue and wear resistance. Induction hardening and case hardening suitable for this application. Partial tensile stress without tempering at low temperature. However, in mild steel, quenching and self-tempering can occur M (ms so high), the user is also in the quenched state. The preparation of all the measures required for steel and steelmaking was due to the fact that several measures were taken to update the requirements of several quenching equipment and there was generally no feeling of seamless steel pipe.
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