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Analysis of Production Failure of Longitudinal Welded Pipe Units

Date:2018-03-08    View:973      Tag:Analysis of Production Failure of Longitudinal Welded Pipe Units
There are many problems encountered in the production of steel pipes. The following is a discussion of machine analysis problems for a given diameter. In contrast, the lowest fixed exchange rate problem machine, and the process is relatively simple, commonly used glue factory to produce several types of things.

1. Squeegee Scratch mainly occurs on the cross-sections of the tubes on both sides of the horizontal and vertical axes, mostly consisting of flat roll and vertical roll holes. In particular, after the edge R round grinding, the following problems occur once may cause harm.

2, the doubt of the drill pipe is rare, the opportunity to compare is usually the thin tube produced episodes, it is because the primary rigid thin-walled tube is poor, and because the wall is thin, easy to cause roll bite. So suppose the following problem will form a drill pipe in the event of an event.

3, the tube is not round tube was round, generally oval, round, gilded shape prismatic three.

4. The basic principle of straightening is to use a lever to make the tube axially deform again and then straighten out the intention.
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