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Effect of roller adjustment on the quality of ERW steel pipe

Date:2018-05-23    View:954      Tag:Effect of roller adjustment on the quality of ERW steel pipe
The effect of roller adjustment on the quality of ERW has a process called roller adjustment when producing ERW pipes. During the production process, the roller is damaged or worn seriously. It is necessary to replace the unit on the part of the roller, or to produce a certain number of rollers continuously to meet the needs of the replacement of the whole roller. At this point, the roller should be adjusted to achieve excellent steel quality. If the roll adjustment is not good, it is easy to form the change of steel pipe seam, lap welding, edge wave, indentation or scratch on the surface of drum and pipe body, elliptical steel pipe and so on. Therefore, the roll adjustment prompt should be mastered when the roll is replaced.

1, replacing the standard steel pipe is usually the whole volume that needs to be replaced. The way of roller conditioning is to draw a baseline from the inlet to the outlet by adjusting the wire, so that each hole is located on the baseline and the molding line meets the technical requirements. Replacement of standard roller, first of all forming roller, guide roller, kneading roller, finishing roller for comprehensive conditioning, and then focus on closing the forming roller, guide roller, roller conditioning.
2, the role of the guide roller is to control the seam direction and the height of the pipe bottom, relieve the extension of the edge, control the springback of the pipe edge, and ensure that the seamless pipe does not change the rollers. If the guide roller is not well adjusted, it is easy to form welding defects such as joint deformation, overlap welding and edge wave welding in the process of steel pipe welding.
3, the kneading roller is the key equipment of the pipe unit, the effect is that under the pressure of the end of the pressure welding, the edge of the pipe is heated to the kneading effect of the kneading roll. In the production process, we must control the size of the roll opening angle. When the kneading force is too small, the strength of weld metal decreases, and cracks occur after exerting force. When the kneading force is too large, the welding strength is reduced and the amount of external burrs is increased, so that welding defects such as lap welding are easy to form.
4, in the process of slow start of the pipe unit, we should pay close attention to the rolling conditions of all parts of the roll, adjust the roll at any time to ensure the quality of the welded pipe, the welding skills and standards meet the requirements of the requirements.
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