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Straight Seam Welded Pipe Weld Flaw Detection Method

Date:2018-03-19    View:877      Tag:Straight Seam Welded Pipe Weld Flaw Detection Method
In order to detect transverse or longitudinal LSAW longitudinal joint welding flaws, ultrasonic testing is performed by a jet (water column) coupling. Ultrasonic flaw detection (water column) Ultrasonic flaw detection is a method in which the longitudinal beam transmitted between the probe and the pipe through the jet coupling probe enters the steel pipe through the water or steel interface, and is detected by the pure transverse wave of the weld of the waveform conversion pipe.

Therefore, the realization of the weld in the pure shear wave detection, the incident angle of the probe must be between the critical angle and the critical angle, can be derived from the law of refraction. The critical angles of the first and second critical angles of the incident longitudinal wave from water to steel were calculated to be 14.5° and 27.3°, respectively.

Straight seam welded pipe ultrasonic flaw detection: Non-destructive testing is a field test, fast and non-destructive, no need to reach the laboratory, greatly improving efficiency. The analysis speed is much faster than the bench spectrometer and the results show seconds. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

There are several nondestructive testing methods for ultrasonic flaw detection. The detection principle of straight seam welded pipe defects can be divided into ultrasonic flaw detection, X-ray inspection and film defect detection. Detection methods are: single-sided double-sided flaw detection, double-sided double-sided flaw detection, single-sided detection.
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