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How to weld ERW steel pipe in winter

Date:2018-03-21    View:852      Tag:How to weld ERW steel pipe in winter
Make sure that the ERW pipe welds perfectly in the winter following the steps below:
First of all, increase the welding current, reduce the welding speed, appropriately increase the cross-sectional area and length of the weld, and if necessary, warm up.

Second, do not start the arc on the base metal outside the slot, and make up the pit when extinguishing the arc.

Third, try not to bend, correct, and assemble welding at low temperatures.

Fourth, welding before preheating, the temperature during the welding process should strictly maintain the interlayer temperature should not fall below the preheat temperature.

Fifth, the use of low hydrogen or ultra-low hydrogen welding materials.

6. Complete the entire welding process as completely as possible to avoid interruptions.
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