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Alloy steel pipe compared with Carbon steel pipe

Date:2017-12-15    View:1045      Tag:alloy steel pipe,alloy pipe,carbon steel pipe,carbon pipe


           Alloy steel pipe is based on the carbon steel pipe, in order to improve the performance of steel, it will add some alloying elements of steel when smelting. Compared with the carbon steel pipe, the mechanical properties and hardenability of alloy steel pipe is better than the carbon steel pipe, the alloy steel pipe also have physical and chemical properties. 

         Carbon steel pipe mainly refers to the carbon mass fraction is less than 2.11% without containing deliberately added alloying elements of steel, with the level of carbon contained in a steel being one of the most important factors to be influence on its the strength of the steel, the hardness increases, but reduces ductility, toughness and weld-ability.  


          The specific features of carbon steel pipe and alloy steel pipe is listed below for you reference: 

Alloy steel pipe 

1. Hard to smelting 

2. Production cost is high 

3. High temper stability and hardenability 

4. High strength and toughness 

5. Can meet the special requirements 

Carbon steel pipe 

1. Easily smelting 

2. Low production cost but widely used 

3. Can be strengthened by heat treatment 

4. Poor temper stability and hardenability

5. Low strength and toughness 

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