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Inspection of A106B seamless steel pipe thread method

Date:2018-05-02    View:945      Tag:Inspection of A106B seamless steel pipe thread method
A106B seamless steel pipe thread inspection is more complex and divided into the screw thread test and pipe thread test.

1. Collar thread inspection
After the processing of the wire, the internal taper, the inner pitch, the thread height and the concentricity are tested, and the tightness and the comprehensive parameters are checked by the thread plug and the incomplete head. In addition, the thread surface according to API standards for artificial eye inspection.

2. Pipe thread inspection
Tube thread, the external taper, the outer pitch, the thread height of the test, with a thread profile microscope on the thread angle sampling, with the thread ring and smooth ring gauge on the tight distance and comprehensive parameters of the test, in addition to the The thread surface is checked according to the API standard. After the machine is screwed with a plug and not a single-head plug gauge on the screw after the sleeve coupling test.
The finished product is tested at the end of the package with the thread stopper and the notch single-headed plug before the end of the package, and the male button is tested with the thread ring and the smooth gauge. In the actual test work close to the distance is a comprehensive parameter, a single parameter test qualified, close to the potential may be qualified; close from the failure, should first find the unqualified single parameter, and then according to the reasons for the impact of the parameters Problems in the process of processing. 
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