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Costa Rican economic and trade ministry plans to raise the price of steel bar.

Date:2018-04-04    View:832      Tag:Costa Rican economic and trade ministry plans to raise the price of steel bar.
The Costa Rican media "extro" reported in March 25th that if the economic and Commercial Ministry of Commerce (MEIC) approved the increase of steel import tax, the country will face a series of serious consequences. According to CCC's news, last week, the Ministry of economy and Commerce released an open investigation and resolution plan to take protective measures and raise the tariff of steel bars. As steel is the basic material for all kinds of production activities, especially in the construction industry, the association of architects, architectural and engineering consultants and the real estate development commission are firmly opposed to raising tariffs, which will exacerbate the current competitive conditions and may even return to the state of monopoly. Besides, the domestic people will be severely affected by the rising housing costs, which limits the basic rights of families to have decent housing. If the tax is estimated by the Ministry of Commerce and industry and commerce, it may reproduce the plight of steel shortage and high price.
The Columbia architecture chamber of Commerce has been reminding the economy and Commerce Secretary for the serious consequences of tax increases since last December, but the Ministry of Commerce and industry still decided to continue the investigation process, which clearly led to the monopoly of industry leading enterprises. This measure is contrary to the actions taken by the government in the past to enhance the competitiveness of building materials in other markets. Increasing the import tax on steel bars will undoubtedly impede the economic rejuvenation and cause serious consequences, especially the construction sector is closely related to other production activities, and the burden of transferring to the developers will directly affect the employment and quality of life of the residents.
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