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The difference between thermal expansion of seamless steel tubes and seamless steel tubes

Date:2018-04-08    View:860      Tag:The difference between thermal expansion of seamless steel tubes and seamless steel tubes
The thermal expansion seamless pipe is a thermal expansion pipe that we often say. Its density is relatively low, but the pipe has very high shrinkage. (Seamless steel pipe) can be called a thermal expansion pipe. A method for expanding the diameter of a pipe by a transverse rolling method or a drawing method; in a short time, the outside diameter of the steel pipe can produce a non-standard and special type of seamless pipe, and the cost is low and the production efficiency is high. It is an international roll pipe field. The development trend.

Seamless steel tubes are also commonly referred to as automatic tube mills in the production of rolling mills. The round bar is cut to the required length, centered at the perforated end of the pipe end, and then sent to the heating furnace for punching in the punching machine. While continuing to rotate and move while perforating, under the action of the roll and the head, a cavity is gradually formed in the tube, and the capillary is called. Then sent to the automatic rolling mill to continue rolling. Finally, the whole wall thickness of the whole machine is determined according to the diameter and specifications of the sizing machine.

Seamless tube thermal expansion is seamless, because you buy 530mm tube, there is no such model, the largest seems to be 460mm, the manufacturer only heat (reprocess), generally should be damaged tube, quality of course, look at you made. Of course, the price is more expensive because both have passed this process.
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