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alloy steel seamless pipe

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We are the leading company to successfully handle alloy steel seamless pipes and alloy seamless pipes. In addition to carbon, they also contain large amounts of nickel, manganese, chromium, silicon, tungsten, vanadium and molybdenum. In addition, these also add limited elements, such as sulfur, silicon, manganese and phosphorus, which help to increase.
The hardness of the pipe
The strength of the pipe
Chemical resistance of pipes

As pipeline manufacturing meets international standards, we are working with us to provide the necessary latest equipment support to help us develop process expertise and unrivalled good production practices. Follow clear and strict deoxygenation practices to ensure that a large number of inclusions float out of molten metal. Other safeguards we have taken in the production process to achieve high quality steel include:

Alloy steel seamless pipe
Alloy steel seamless tube
Ensure the rapid synthesis of slag in LRF
To ensure low reoxidation of the casting machine by controlling overheating
As the quality of the inputs used directly affects the quality of the output, only a mixture of selected original metals and clean wastes can be melted to control the appearance of the stray elements to ensure the quality of the raw materials used, and we are combined with the trusted suppliers that are regularly audited to ensure that the material meets the determined industry standards.

Known alloy steel tubes have excellent performance and are usually developed to meet the following requirements.
Energy related applications involving drilling for oil and natural gas
Meet domestic or industrial needs
Transport of fluid for critical high temperature
In the general application of corrosion service
In heat transfer equipment, such as boilers, heat exchangers
In the application of general engineering and process instrument

These can be used in different specifications, such as:
ASTM:A-335, A-387 GR. P1, P5, P9, P11, P12, P22, P91
Size range: 1/8 "- 26" (also customizable)
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