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High precision cold drawn steel pipe technology and its application

Date:2018-05-04    View:1048      Tag:High precision cold drawn steel pipe technology and its application
High precision cold drawn steel pipe is a new type of high-tech energy-saving product. In recent years, the technology used in the production of precision steel pipes has been widely used in the domestic hydraulic, pressure cylinder, coal mine support (pillar), oil pump pipe, Jack and other manufacturing fields. The high precision cold drawn precision steel pipe is important to popularize the use of saving steel, improving machining efficiency, saving energy, and reducing investment in hydraulic cylinder and cylinder processing equipment.

Cold drawing method: producing high-precision cold drawn pipe, compared with traditional cutting technology, the hydraulic cylinder has the following characteristics:
(1) the production efficiency is high: the traditional production method of the cylinder with an inner diameter of 420 millimeters and a length of 12 meters is 154 hours, and the cold drawing process takes only 4 minutes.
(2) high positive rate: rolling head boring, play a guiding role in the cutting process, due to self weight deviation lead to the billet tube, leading to the rolling head and boring cutter deviation, resulting in waste. The rate of authentic products can only reach about 60%, while the cold drawn method can produce more than 95% of the certified product.
(3) high metal utilization rate: traditional boring cylinder manufacturing method, metal utilization rate is only 50-70%. With the method of wire drawing, metal can not only be cut into iron, but also can reach 30% elongation, and the utilization rate of metal can reach 95%.
(4) improve the mechanical properties of the finished metal pipes: the drawing method is adopted to make the billet more than 30% plastic deformation, and the limit of the finished pipe hardened and the processing strength is greatly improved. Generally, the strength limit of the finished product tube is increased by 60%. High precision cold drawing tube is a seamless hot rolled steel tube, with straight welded pipe as blank, after special cold drawing machine chemical treatment, through special deformation design die drawing, precision tube. The dimension accuracy is H10 ~ H8, the straightness is 0.35 ~ 0.5mm / m, and the surface roughness is Ra1.6 ~ 0.4.

The production process is as follows: feed appearance inspection - mechanical cleaning - annealing - straightening - tube head processing - Pickling - neutralization - washing - sizing - saponification - Tensile test - cutting honing - end processing - straightening assembly - test pressure packaging
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