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No. 2 coke oven of Malaysia Kuantan iron and steel project has been put into operation smoothly.

Date:2018-05-15    View:1765      Tag:No. 2 coke oven of Malaysia Kuantan iron and steel project has been put into operation smoothly.

On May 8, 2018 at 9:16 in the morning, by the China Metallurgical jiaonai design and construction of the China 22mcc Belt and Road Initiative "key project - Malaysia Kuantan Industrial Park, 3 million 500 thousand tons of Steel Project No. 2 coke oven put into production smoothly.

The project is located at the Ma Zhong Kuantan Industrial Park in the industrial area of Kuantan, Malaysia. The construction unit is joint iron and steel group. The first phase of the first phase coking project of the 3 million 500 thousand tons steel project of the central Maguan Dan Industrial Park, Malaysia, is designed for the design of 2 60 holes and 6 meter top loading coke oven and matching production area and some equipment supply, and the coke oven has designed 1 150 tonnes of energy dry quenching and power generating unit and full set. Supply of equipment. The construction of China's twenty second metallurgy is for the construction of a coking plant with 1 million 100 thousand tons of coke, including coking, coal preparation, coke treatment, dry coke, gas purification and recovery, phenol cyanide wastewater treatment, storage and transportation, public auxiliary facilities and other 78 units of civil construction, steel structure, masonry, and supporting water, electricity, and instrument automation. And so on, the staff of more than 1200 people.

During the construction of coking projects, the coking plant of China Metallurgical Corporation also contracted the design of the lime roasting unit (Design + equipment supply) of the joint iron and steel company. The lime roasting unit is equipped with 4 JNSS-600 double bore vertical kiln with independent intellectual property right. The production scale of active lime is 397 thousand and 900 tons / a year, and the production scale of light calcined dolomite is 267 thousand and 400 tons / a year.

The horse in Kuantan 3 million 500 thousand tons of steel project is China Metallurgical Group for the first time the "national team" of the overall construction of the Malaysia first "The Belt and Road" project, has been highly valued by the two governments. During the project construction, the participating units remember the strategic goal of being the first national team of the world's Metallurgical Construction and operation service, and carry forward the spirit of "no delay one day and one day without slack", to ensure the quality and progress, to complete the tasks of each stage satisfactorily, and be highly recognized by the owners.
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