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Brazil's imports of long timber in April fell 7% year on year

Date:2018-05-15    View:965      Tag:Brazil's imports of long timber in April fell 7% year on year
Brazil's imports of long timber in April dropped by 7.03% compared to the same period last year, mainly because of the decrease in imports from Korea and Turkey.
According to the data released by the Brazil Ministry of trade in May 4th, Brazil imported 14 thousand and 800 tons of non alloy long timber in April, down 1 thousand and 100 tons in last year's 15 thousand and 900 tons.
In April, Brazil imported the largest amount of timber from Korea, reaching 4556 tons, although it dropped by 15.1% from 5367 tons last year.
Last month, only 249 tons of imported materials were imported from Turkey, down 85.6% from 1727 tons last year.
In the first four months, Brazil imported 85 thousand tons of long timber, up 50.2% from 57 thousand tons last year.
Due to higher costs and the revival of the construction industry, the price of rebar in Brazil was relatively strong in May.
The monthly reference price of Brazil rebar has risen from 2200-2400 reya / tonnes (US $623-680 / ton) last month to 2380-2580 reya / tonnes (US $674-731 / ton) this month.
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