ASTM A520 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe & ERW Pipe

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ASTM A520 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe & ERW Pipe

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ASTM A520 is a standard specification for the construction of high-temperature boilers for seamless and resistance-welded carbon steel pipe products in compliance with ISO recommended supplementary requirements.

If boiling steel or other than killed steel is a special requirement for the manufacture of resistance welded pipes, the fi cation A520 should be carried with a single width not to be cut longitudinally except trimming edges.

The specified high temperature yield strength value should not be lower than given. The yield strength corresponding to a permanent offset of 0.2% of the specimen length or 0.5% of the total length under load shall be determined.

For a total of 400 tubes or tubes, each with a total of 50 tubes or 2% tubes, the manufacturer's choice should submit a tensile test, a flattening test, and a fl ring or fl change test. For more than 400tubes lots, an additional tube, 100 tubes or parts thereof should be tested.

The fl-phone fl test is only applicable to tubes with an outside diameter not greater than 6. (152.4 mm) and wall thickness not more than 0.350. (8.89 mm).

A lot of FiNeide is produced as a group of identical diameter and wall thickness tubes from the same specification fi cation metal.

ASTM A520 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe & Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe

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ASTM A520 Standard Specification for seamless and resistance welded carbon steel pipe products supplementary requirements, for high temperature service, in line with the ISO standard of boiler structure.

If the edge steel or stainless steel is used in the manufacture of resistance welded steel pipe according to the requirements of the standard A520, the steel strip should be coiled in a single width and not cut longitudinally except the edge trimming.

The yield strength value at specified temperature should not be less than the given value. The yield strength of 0.2% permanent offset corresponding to the gauge length of the specimen should be determined, or 0.5% of the total elongation of the load distance.

For a large number of 400 or less pipes, 2% of the total number of pipes or pipes for every 50 pipes should be selected by the manufacturer. Tensile tests, bending tests and bending or bending tests should be carried out. For more than 400 pipelines, one extra pipeline in every 100 pipelines or one pipeline should be tested.

Impact and impact tests are applicable only to pipes whose outer diameter is not greater than 6 inches (152.4 mm) and the wall thickness is not greater than 0.350 inches (8.89 mm).

Many of them are defined as a group of metal with the same diameter and same specification and the same manufacturer's pipe.
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