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How to polish seamless steel tubes

Date:2018-07-27    View:1116      Tag:How to polish seamless steel tubes
The polishing method of seamless steel pipe is as follows:

1mechanical polishing
The 1. advantage is that the parts are smooth and the brightness is high after processing. The disadvantage is that the labor intensity is too big, cause serious pollution, can not process complex parts, the luster can not be consistent, the heat preservation time is not long, the mechanical polishing is suitable for the processing simple parts, and the small and medium parts.

2. chemical polishing
A little bit is investment equipment, complex parts can be polished, fast, efficient, good corrosion resistance, the drawback is poor lighting, ventilation equipment, heating difficulties. It is applicable to small complex parts and small parts that do not require high brightness.

3. electrochemical polishing
The advantages are long mirror gloss, stable process, low cost and poor corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is that the equipment must be invested at a large time, the complex parts must be processed, the auxiliary electrodes will be produced in large quantities, and the cooling device is needed. Suitable for mass production, mainly for high-grade products, export products, tolerance products, stable processing technology, simple operation.
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