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Handling Vehicle Requirements of SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-02-22    View:961      Tag:Handling Vehicle Requirements of SSAW Steel Pipe
Spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe handling requirements:
1, the state regulations spiral pipe bulk way. If the client requests a baler can be considered appropriate, but must be 159mm diameter and 500mm packing material between the tightening, each twist should be divided into at least two, and in accordance with the outer diameter of the spiral tube and moderate weight gain, to prevent loosening happened.
2, the length of spiral pipe can not be packaged.
3, both ends of the threaded pipe thread, thread protector should be protected. Lubricate threads or rust inhibitors. Spiral tube is disconnected at both ends, available on request, ending with nozzle guard.
4, if the spiral pipe into the container, soft mattress moisture means that textiles, cushions, etc., including the container. For textile spiral pipe dispersed in the container, can be used for external banding or welding protection, such as stents. Spiral steel packaging should be able to avoid being loosened and damaged during normal handling, shipping and storage.
5, if the demand side of the spiral steel packaging materials and packaging have special requirements, should be provided in the contract; if not specified, packaging materials and packaging options for all parties to choose.
6, packaging materials should meet the relevant requirements. Do not need packaging materials, should meet the requirements, to avoid waste and environmental pollution.
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