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Large Diameter ERW Steel Pipe Production and Application Characteristics

Date:2019-01-09    View:1097      Tag:Large Diameter ERW Steel Pipe Production and Application Characteristics
Large diameter straight seam steel pipe is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, light industry and other industrial sectors, and is an important welding process.

The main processing method for large diameter straight seam steel pipe:
Forged Steel: We use a forging hammer reciprocating impact force or press pressure to change the blank shape and size. We need a pressure processing method.

Extrusion: The steel is placed in a closed steel extrusion, one end of the pressure, so that the metal out of the die hole, forming the same shape and size of the finished product processing methods for the production of non-ferrous metal products, steel.

Rolling: A method of passing a gap (various shapes) of a rotating roller through a steel material, by reducing the cross section of the roller and compressing the roller, and by increasing the length.

Stretched steel: It is a method of increasing the processing length by passing a rolled metal blank (type, tube, product, etc.) through a die hole into a cross section, and is mostly used for cold working.
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