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16mn large diameter seamless steel pipe economy is difficult to achieve

Date:2019-02-07    View:984      Tag:16mn large diameter seamless steel pipe economy is difficult to achieve
Some experts pointed out that 16Mn seamless steel pipe China faces unprecedented problems in environmental issues. “With the increasingly strict environmental regulations in the United States and Japan, high-consumption, high-input manufacturing industries have moved to third world countries, which has brought new challenges to the environment of these countries. But China’s manufacturing industry cannot follow The above-mentioned development path, because China is still in the process of development, cannot transfer high-consumption and heavy-pollution manufacturing. This helplessness is destined that China’s road to environmental governance will go much longer than others. From this point of view, the economy do not change the growth mode, 16mn seamless steel pipe economy will be difficult to achieve. analysts believe that the "Eleventh five-Year plan" is different, "five-second" period, it should be more use to adjust the industrial structure seamless way to achieve 16mn The goal of steel pipe is the common industrialization process in the world: starting with the light textile industry, entering the heavy chemical industry in the middle stage, then entering the post-heavy industrial stage, and finally entering the knowledge economy stage. According to this theory, the environmental improvement turning point has not yet The reason is that China has not yet completed industrialization and urbanization. That is to say, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, it is only one of environmental optimization. In the transitional period, 16mn seamless steel pipe is the main target. With the gradual deterioration of economic development and environmental resource overdraft, where is the solution? In Zou Wei's view, we can't wait for the arrival of the “inflection point” and must act. The path is to carry out large-scale industrial restructuring. 

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