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J55 oil casing market has an obvious upward trend

Date:2019-02-25    View:727      Tag:J55 oil casing market has an obvious upward trend
  Although the J55 oil casing market has an obvious upward trend, domestic injection coal prices are still quoted lower. It is reported that the average inventory and available days of coal injection in the national sample steel mills showed a slight increase. Some local small mines have gradually resumed production, but the current situation is not universal. Steel mills do not express their views on the rising purchase price. They believe that it is not wise to raise the price of raw materials. In the case that the demand for macro fundamentals is not clear, it is expected that the domestic injection coal market will be consolidating at a low level in the near future. The coke market in various regions has a good trading atmosphere and the transaction situation is relatively stable. Recently, the coke price in some areas of Shanxi has declined. This has weakened the support of the coke market. It is likely to trigger a chain reaction and further expand the scope of the decline. The pessimistic atmosphere of the market is pervasive, but at present the coking plant inventory is low, the steel mills are cautious about the price adjustment of coke, and it is difficult to see a large-scale decline in the short term. It is expected that the market will continue to operate at a low level. The turbulent market makes trading operations difficult, and is not afraid of big fluctuations and fears that the momentum will be back and forth. Most traders are dragged down by the market. Yesterday, the derivatives market was weak, and the physical market immediately followed suit. The sharp decline in mine shipments in November made the port stocks in December support the recent spot mine rebound, but from December last night in Tehran and the Brazilian port. According to the export data, the mine shipments have returned to the previous level and set a record high. The decision of the Hong Kong-based traders not to get the goods is correct. The transaction has been defeated, and the price limit of Hegang failed to hold the price. Where is the demand? Simply relying on inventory decline to judge the iron ore trend is too far-fetched, as long as the mine delivery rhythm changes and the standard is a wave of decline. From a national perspective, the performance of the mine price is still weak overall. Some steel mills in North China still have plans to cut prices. However, due to the poor loading situation in recent days, the steel mills may have to observe for a few more days. In addition, some large mines are shipped. The situation is not very optimistic, therefore, the domestic J55 oil casing market is difficult to form a volatility in the short-term. The domestic mining market has little room for adjustment in the near future, and some areas have fluctuated slightly under the different procurement policies of leading steel mills.
This year's coke price trend has deviated from previous years. Not only has it not ushered in the traditional "Golden September and Silver 10", but also the winter storage before the Spring Festival has not arrived, and just entered the 2015 coke market and ushered in a downturn. Jiaoqi believes that the steady growth of coke in the past five months indicates the bottoming out of coke prices. In addition, the recent collapse of coking products due to the sharp drop in international crude oil has made the coke enterprises without profit margins miserable. The reaction is now about 70 yuan per ton of coke. Under the support of cost, the company believes that even if the steel factory's winter storage consciousness fades in recent years, it can't drive the price of coke, but there will be no room for decline. Therefore, this round has gone beyond The expected range of the market. At present, although the billet price has risen slightly when the downstream shipments are spurred, the steel mills are facing pressure from funds and environmental protection because of the negative policy. The export form is not optimistic. Only by suppressing the price of raw materials to reduce costs, but Jiaozhou adopted a low inventory strategy to deal with the price reduction behavior of steel mills, which made the adjustment of coke prices in steel mills more cautious. In general, under the influence of uncertainties such as weather, J55 oil casings are unlikely to have large-scale downswings in the short-term under the favorable support of low inventory, but it does not rule out the slight increase in individual areas.
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