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Corrosion of thick-walled seamless steel tubes

Date:2018-04-08    View:867      Tag:Corrosion of thick-walled seamless steel tubes
1, the next thick-walled seamless steel pipe easy to fold. Folding is the formation of a variety of fold lines on the surface of thick-walled seamless steel tubes, which often run through the entire product. The reason for the folding is that due to the pursuit of high-efficiency counterfeit manufacturers, the pressure is too great, the ear is caused, and the next rolling produces wrinkles, the folded product will be broken and bent, and the strength of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe will decrease.

2. The thick-walled seamless steel pipe surface often has pockmarked phenomenon. Acne marks are irregular irregularities on the surface of thick-walled seamless steel tubes due to severe wear of the grooves. As thick-walled seamless steel pipe manufacturers pursue profits, rolling groove rolling is often the most excessive.

3. Thick-walled seamless steel pipe surface is susceptible to scabs. There are two reasons: 1. Thick-walled seamless steel tubes are not uniform in material and have many impurities. 2. Inadequate equipment manufacturers guide the equipment is not good, easy to stick steel, these impurities bite roll is easy to produce scars.
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