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About Cold forming

Date:2017-12-19    View:1050      Tag:Cold forming

Cold forming is without heating the material punching, bending, stretching and other processing methods. Cold forming processes are cold forging, cold rolling, forging and so on.

The main advantage of cold-formed steel structures:
1, compared with thicker hot rolled steel, cold-formed steel can be processed into suitable smaller loads and shorter span.
2, can be economically obtained unusual cross-sectional shape by cold forming, to obtain a satisfactory strength to weight ratio.
3, consider the compact packaging and transport, produce nestable section.
4, no telescopic gravity environment becomes invisible.

Plastic material processing methods, suitable for cold plastic moldable plastic or inorganic material, which is characterized by high pressure and cold forming mold for a sufficient time, then removed with or without heating in the oven to continue drying harden not melt from the mold is made products. This method is rapid, inexpensive, good electrical insulation properties, water resistance, high heat resistance, used in the manufacture of electrical insulation products.

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