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Seamless Steel tube Concrete

Date:2018-02-24    View:881      Tag:Seamless Steel tube Concrete
In order to understand the quality and quality of cement concrete and pipe wall of seamless concrete filled steel tubular pump, ultrasonic pulse method was used to inspect and identify the quality of the main concrete filled steel tube.

Ultrasonic testing of seamless steel pipe in the concrete work, along the seamless steel pipe wall propagation, the ultrasonic signal detection is affected by people's concerns, but also whether the ultrasonic pulse detected the quality of reinforced concrete key. As long as the steel concrete inside is dense and concrete is good with the concrete wall, and then use the wear detection, the first wave of ultrasonic longitudinal wave concrete received signal transmission along the pipe radial, and the time of the pipe wall half the longest circumference of the spread , Its first breakthrough in the first wave after the wave of superposition, therefore, the quality of steel pipe concrete ultrasonic testing is feasible and effective.

The acoustic path of the ultrasonic wave depends on the diameter of the inner-detector seamless steel tube concrete and the two-layer steel of the ultrasonic wall and comes into close contact with the sensor. The thickness is much smaller than that of the seamless steel tube concrete with diameter. Although the steel is always larger than the velocity of the concrete, In the "sound" when detecting the impact of reinforced concrete acoustical path perpendicular to the line of the bar means that usually negligible. In order to facilitate the calculation, it is appropriate to use the actual pipe diameter propagation ultrasonic detection distance.
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