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The right way to save spiral pipe

Date:2018-01-30    View:1167      Tag:The right way to save spiral pipe
The right way to maintain the coil
(1) Spiral steel pipe storage products or storage space, should choose clean, smooth drainage area, away from factories and mines harmful gases or dust. On the field, remove weeds and all the debris and keep a clean steel.
(2) in the warehouse, not with acid, alkali, salt, cement, steel and other invasive materials stacked together. Different varieties of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact with corrosion.
3) large steel, rail, steel shame, large diameter steel pipe, forgings, etc., can be piled open.
4) Medium, steel, wire, steel, diameter steel pipe, wire rope, wire rope, etc., can be used in well ventilated storage shed, but must be the bottom thatched grass.
5) some small steel, plate, tape, silicon, or thin-walled small diameter steel pipe, a variety of cold-rolled, cold drawn steel products, high prices, corrosion of metal products, can store storage
6) The warehouse should be based on the selected geographical conditions, generally normal closed warehouse, that is, the roof walls, doors and windows tight, with a warehouse ventilation.
7) Demanding that the warehouse be ventilated, the rain closely pays attention to the humidity, and maintain proper storage environment.
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