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India will relax foreign market access

Date:2018-05-03    View:883      Tag:India will relax foreign market access
According to foreign media reports, the India iron and steel minister, Aruna Sharma (Aruna Sharma), in a recent event, said the India government will try to relax the market access of large foreign enterprises to encourage them to invest in new steel projects in India. By 2020, India's steel output is expected to increase from 1.34 billion tons to 1.5 billion tons.
"Previously, there were some problems in the process of new steel projects in India, but now India has great room for developing large-scale steel projects. If anyone wants to build large steel projects in India, we will lay a red carpet for them and welcome them. Aruna Sharma said.
It is understood that at present, India has not yet received applications for new steel projects by foreign enterprises, and most foreign investors are still on the sidelines.
In addition, Aruna Sharma also urged the India steel industry to use new technologies to reduce the use of coking coal in steel production, because the coal reserves in India and most of the Asian countries are not much.
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