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Application of seamless steel pipe in different industries

Date:2018-01-15    View:925      Tag:Application of seamless steel pipe in different industries
Due to the strong bending ability of carbon steel pipe factory, so in recent years, the stadium building roof truss, beam, column, the steel structure housing, with the development of steel structure manufacturing industry in the construction of more and more use of steel structure, household appliances, furniture, plumbing, HVAC, gas, transportation and agriculture equipment the manufacturing industry, coal, oil and gas exploitation of underground resources, gun, air and space rockets, artillery, missile etc.. Iron and steel can not be separated, so the development of the national economy on the pipeline is closely related to the living standard of the people.

The technical standard of seamless steel pipe is the comprehensive performance characteristic, correct and reasonable economic use seamless service. In the technical standard diameter, wall thickness and tolerances, tube length, bending, end ellipticity, delivery weight, general signs such as the scope of the list, must comply with the technical requirements and mechanical properties, process performance, inspection items and methods, inspection rules. For some special uses of seamless steel tubes, special attention should be paid to the standard requirements of some prescribed regulations. Therefore, in the process of using seamless steel tubes, we should not only understand the requirements of the users, but also meet the requirements of the technical standards of low carbon steel tubes.

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