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Carbon steel pipe pickling process

Date:2018-01-23    View:1619      Tag:Carbon steel pipe pickling process
At present, carbon steel pipe pickling method is adopted for the construction and management of the two-ring pickling and pickling inner ring.

(1) tank pickling. Installed pipe after the second installation, the decomposition of acid soaking treatment. This method is suitable for a small number of occasions such as large diameter, short pipe, straight, easy to dismantle, pipeline and a small amount of on-site pipeline system hydraulic hydraulic pipeline construction, such as pump stations, valve stations, trough pickling method.
(2) pipe pickling. Hydraulic components installed in the hydraulic pipeline disconnected or with the hose, take over the removal, flushing the connector cover, flushing circuit. Acid pump acid into the loop pickling. Pickling method is more advanced in recent years, construction technology, and the pickling speed, the effect is good, simple process, easy operation, reduce the pollution of the human body and the environment, reduce labor intensity, shorten the pipeline installation period, the line length and complexity Pipe pickling difficult problems, and to avoid secondary pollution trough pickling assembly prone to problems, has been widely used in the construction of large hydraulic system piping.

Pickling recipes and process piping can cause unreasonable wall can not be completely oxidized, wall corrosion, wall corrosion and residual chemical reactions in the tube and so on.
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