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Drainage Pipeline

Date:2018-01-25    View:819      Tag:Drainage Pipeline
Drainage pipe is the collection system for discharging sewage, sewage, rainwater drains and ancillary facilities. Including mains, headers and pipes, to the treatment plant or any other place, whether built on the street or not, as long as they function as drains and drainage channels should be counted as statistics. Drainage full length, trunk, branch and inspection Wells, connection length and import and export well calculated, does not include the gutter to the pipe and open channel between the pipe into the indoors. When calculating a single tube, it should be calculated, that is, in the same street, two or more side-by-side drains, drainage channels and should be calculated length.

At present, galvanized steel pipe is currently the most widely used material. Due to the corrosion of galvanized iron pipe, the content of heavy metals in water is high, affecting human health. Many countries and regions have begun to explicitly prohibit the use of galvanized iron pipe. At present, China is gradually phasing out this type of pipeline.

Brass is more traditional, but the pipe is more expensive, durable, construction more convenient. Among many imported sanitary products, brass is the first choice. Price is the most important reason that affects its use, except that copper corrosion is one factor.

Stainless steel pipe is a more durable pipe material. However, its high cost, relatively high construction technology, especially the strength of the material is relatively hard, on-site processing is very difficult. Therefore, the selection of transformation projects is low.

Plastic composite pipe because of its light weight, durability, ease of construction and other advantages, more popular in the market, more suitable for curved home renovation use. Its main disadvantage is that it is used for hot water pipelines. Leakage can occur due to long-term wall displacement due to thermal expansion and contraction.
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