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Galvanized steel pipe welding technology

Date:2018-03-01    View:705      Tag:Galvanized steel pipe welding technology
Straightening machine is a metal profile, bar, pipe, wire and other straightening equipment. Straightening roller straightening machine, to make it straight. There are usually two rows of straightening rollers in varying numbers. There are also two roll straighteners that rely on the variation of two roll angles (intermediate concave hyperbolic rolls) to straighten at different diameters. The main pressure straightening machine, balancing roller straightening machine, straightening machine, rotating straightening machine.

Straightening machine principle
Rollers are positioned at an angle to the direction of motion. Two or three large positive pressure rollers, driven by one motor, rotate in the same direction. The other small rollers are driven by pressure rollers, which rely on rotation The rod or pipe is rotated by friction. In order to achieve the requirements of the pressure roller products, these small rollers can adjust the front and rear positions simultaneously or individually. The more the number of rollers, the higher the precision of the straightening products. After the article is bitten by the roller, we continue to make straight or rotational movement so that all aspects of the product are able to withstand compression, bending, crushing and other deformations, ultimately achieving the purpose of straightening.

Straightening machine practice
⒈ boot, check the hydraulic oil pressure station, gear box, gear box gear oil if filled.
⒉ main motor before starting, check and adjust the angle of hydraulic system pressure adjustment.
⒊ Inject lubricating oil at the lubrication point and check the operating status of the mechanical transmission to make it flexible.
⒋ operator wearing labor insurance products, should be guided, Chuan Gang.
After the oil, the pressure of the hydraulic oil tends to be stable, and the leveling roller is lifted to the initial position.
⒍ Artificial feeding by straightening the steel tube straightening roller clamping pressure of the third.
⒎ start the main motor, steel rotation forward and straightened.
⒏ Stop the motor, straighten the straightening roller, lift the straightening roller, and direct the pipe.
⒐ Torsion correction Through the console knob to reverse the host inversion, reverse straightening.
⒑ The main motor is stopped and the straightening roller is stopped Straightening is to go back to the starting position and repeat until the next program command is straightened.
After turning off, turning off the power does not change the program controller.
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