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ms and GI tube poor

Date:2018-03-01    View:711      Tag:ms and GI tube poor
Galvanized iron pipe is generally used for water lines, it is anti-corrosion zinc impregnation.

GI pipe is "galvanized iron pipe." Material MS is mild steel and GI is hot dip galvanized steel.
Commonly used in water pipes on the galvanized iron pipe.

Soft steel is untreated, usually hot or cold rolled, or in the case of melt pipe extrusion. Lower carbon content and rusting can be easier to bend in wet weather than steel. It is not a black tube used for gas, unshaped cyanide, its galvanized zinc, it is not blue like to use a gun, not an actor like cast iron furniture. It is the most economical steel.

Low-carbon steel refers to steel containing less than 0.25% carbon, low strength, low hardness and softness. It includes most of ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon structural steel, most of which are not used for heat treatment in engineering structures, but also for some mechanical parts required for carburizing heat treatment and other wear.

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