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High-frequency resistance welded steel pipe production characteristics

Date:2018-03-08    View:870      Tag:High-frequency resistance welded steel pipe production characteristics
High-frequency electric resistance welded steel pipe (ERW steel) has the following characteristics:
(1) High frequency resistance welding brazing is pressureless welding.
(2) high frequency resistance welding, welding speed, high production efficiency. Due to the high energy concentration in the welding zone, the heating speed is fast and the welding speed is fast. For example, China has introduced 426 units, the maximum welding speed of 45m / min, the minimum welding speed of 15m / min
(3) welding heat affected zone. As the welding energy density, heating speed, welding speed, self-cooling effect of the workpiece, so heat-affected zone.
(4) High welding production technology and management level requirements. High-frequency resistance welding is a continuous production line with high welding speed, high production efficiency and many welding process factors, you must have a high level of technical and management level for welding the entire production line to a more coordinated element to a stable Get high quality welded steel pipe.
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