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Steel pipe production process points

Date:2018-03-12    View:633      Tag:Steel pipe production process points
1. Oiling sign: The steel pipe hydraulic pressure tester can prevent corrosion after passing oil, and can be marked according to user requirements.

2. Leveling and milling: The flat steel anvil is initially curled and then subjected to two-sided steel milling by a blade-milling machine so as to satisfy the requirements for the width of the plate, the parallelism of the edges of the plate, and the shape of the groove.

3. Shear molding: The steel sheet production line is spirally wound into tubes along the outer edge.

4. Butt cutting: Seamless steel pipe market equipment using advanced technology, pre-embedded double arc welding, welding, welding. Welded steel pipe with plasma length to specification length.

5. Visual inspection: Professional technicians check some basic parameters.

6. Ultrasonic flaw detection: development of internal and external welds of base metals and 100% inspection of welds.

7. X-ray inspection: 100% x-ray internal and external welds Industrial television inspection image processing system to ensure the use of detection sensitivity.

8. Pressure test: The steel pipe hydraulic tester should be tested separately to ensure that the test pressure pipe complies with the required standards.

9. Chamfer flat head: seamless steel pipe testing equipment will be qualified after the end of the steel pipe processing to meet the pipe end (spiral welded pipe unit) groove size requirements.

10. Final inspection: Level the ultrasonic and X-ray flaw detection and magnetic particle inspection again to check if there are any problems and the end of the welded pipe.

11. Uncoiled probe: After entering the uncoiling production line, the first full-board ultrasonic inspection.

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