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The American steel plan restarts the idle blast furnace converter

Date:2018-03-23    View:838      Tag:The American steel plan restarts the idle blast furnace converter
The United Steel Corp (U.S. Steel) before the date announced that due to the president's promise to impose tariffs on foreign steel, the company is ready to start a Illinois steelmaking facilities, and a two seat idle in the blast furnace one.
Steel Corp was founded in 1901, headquartered in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. The company's predecessor was Carnegie Steel Corp founded in 1864. After that, it was merged by dozens of enterprises such as Carnegie, Steel Corp and Consolidated Steel Corporation. It annexed more than 50 enterprises and controlled 65% of the US steel output. The US steel industry has been on the road to recovery before Trump announced the steel tariff plan, according to US media reports. Data show that the price of hot rolled steel produced in the United States has reached its highest peak since May 2011. According to the U. S. Department of Commerce statistics, in 2015, the United States steel industry overall showed losses, but in 2016 turned to profit of $714 million, last year the profit increased to 2 billion 800 million US dollars. The most important reason for the recovery of the US steel industry in recent years is the synchronous recovery of the global economy and the recovery of market demand. At the same time, its efficiency and physical improvement are also the key to the success of the transition in recent years. The United States is the largest steel consumer market in the world. In 2017, it imported more than 29 billion U.S. dollars of steel pipe. The largest source of imports was Canada, which accounted for 17% of the total market share, followed by South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and China.
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