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Performance Comparison of ASTM A53 Seamless and Normal Steel Pipes

Date:2018-04-08    View:758      Tag:Performance Comparison of ASTM A53 Seamless and Normal Steel Pipes
1, The supply of astm a53 seamless steel pipe compared to other traditional pipe, raw materials lighter, high strength, good tolerance, can withstand high internal pressure, the production of sensitive, and can be used to messy or harsh geological conditions.

2, But the steel pipe in the course of the existence of a large rate of end, the main internal and external corrosion treatment trouble. The main external corrosion of the question is very important, the quality of its external anti-corrosion directly affect its service life. Now the main external steel pipe corrosion: concealed type approach, on the steel pipe are requested to strengthen or special enhanced external corrosion, in some areas to promote cathodic protection. On the concealment type of external corrosion method is usually paint, such as petroleum asphalt, epoxy coal tar pitch, which is not easy to cure at low temperatures, and welding construction in the field more questions, originally used chlorosulfonated polyethylene, Because most of the solvent, easy to pinholes, anti-breakdown failed, in some areas is no longer clear. On the cathodic protection of its anti-corrosion effect is better, but because the choice of sacrificial anode method, in the future operation must be regularly replaced anode, increased operating costs and operations.

Besides the inner wall treatment, seamless steel pipe supply is usually used in three ways: anti-corrosion coatings, resin mortar, cement mortar. Three methods are two questions: The first is the coating and the bond strength of steel, cement mortar has been said in front. On the anti-corrosion coatings and resin mortar two methods require the appearance of the steel pipe to complete the construction of rust, but it is difficult to do without. So the rust part of the formation of the future layers of stripping the source of corrosion and fouling; the second is the vast majority of steel pipe welding construction site, after welding for corrosion. Can only be carried out manually. Quality is not easy to control, and, on the smaller diameter of the tube, because the staff can not enter the construction, it is no longer a corrosion. Also formed a hidden damage to the weld in the future. According to several times the pipe burst pipe accident analysis, mainly weld quality is not high-type weld corrosion.

3, Seamless steel pipe supply is with higher cost.

4, Poor hydraulic function, high energy consumption. Pipe roughness coefficient in the pipe between 0.013-0.014, so on the same amount of water, equal diameter pipe line, along its resistance is high, increasing demand for pump head, increasing the pre-funded, with the operating costs due to consumption Electricity, but also greatly increased.

5, There is the role of water hammer pipe carrying capacity of the shortcomings of poor.
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