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ERW casing quenching and tempering treatment

Date:2018-04-26    View:508      Tag:ERW casing quenching and tempering treatment
Quenching and tempering: quenching after high temperature tempering is called quench hardening. High temperature tempering refers to the tempering between 500-650 degrees C. Quenching and tempering can make the performance and material of the casing to be adjusted to a large extent. Its strength, plasticity and toughness are better and its comprehensive mechanical properties are better. The tempered Soxhlet body was obtained by tempering. Tempered Soxhlet is formed by tempering martensite and magnified over 500 to 600 times under an optical microscope. It is characterized by the distribution of carbides in ferrite matrix carbon in composite structure. It is also a tempering structure of martensite, a mixture of ferrite and granular carbide. At this point, the performance of ERW bushing in ferrite is basically no carbon supersaturation, and carbide is also a stable carbides. It is a balanced tissue at room temperature.

ERW casing tempering is three main categories: high temperature tempering, tempering and low tempering.
High temperature tempering: 500 degrees to 650 degrees C
Middle temperature tempering: 300 C ~ 450 C
Low temperature tempering: 150 degrees to 250 centigrade

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