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The procedure for acceptance of the DSAW tube

Date:2018-05-17    View:569      Tag:The procedure for acceptance of the DSAW tube
1. the quality inspection of the DSAW pipe should be carried out by the supplier's technical quality supervision.

2. the supplier must ensure that the delivered DSAW pipe meets the specifications of the corresponding product standard. The supplier has the right to check and verify the corresponding product standards.

3. the DSAW pipeline should be submitted for inspection in batches, and the batch rules should conform to the corresponding product standards.

4. DSAW pipeline inspection items, sampling quantities, sampling locations and inspection methods shall be carried out according to the corresponding product standards.

5. DSAW pipe testing results, a rule that does not meet the standard of the product should be unqualified, and from the same batch of DSAW pipes, take a double number of samples to re evaluate the unqualified products. The results of the re inspection, including any requirements of the project test, have failed, so the DSW pipe must not be delivered. The following inspection items are not allowed to be re examined if the inspection is not qualified: a. There is a white spot in the low fold tissue; the Bay microstructure.

6. the DSAW tube of the unqualified test results (including the initial test results with microstructural failure) should be submitted to the root inspection, or the heat treatment from the head (the number of seconds to start the heat treatment from the head) and a new batch of tests.

7. if the product standard is not curious, the chemical composition of DSAW tube is inspected by melting components.

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