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Difference between water supply and drainage pipelines and industrial pipelines

Date:2018-06-13    View:460      Tag:Difference between water supply and drainage pipelines and industrial pipelines
1, water supply and drainage
Building water supply system can be divided into living water supply system, production water supply system and fire water supply system according to its application. These three kinds of water supply systems are not necessarily separately set up, usually two or three kinds of water supply systems. The building drainage system collects water used by buildings in daily life and industrial production, and drains them out in time. According to the nature of sewage discharged from the system, the internal drainage of buildings can be divided into domestic sewage, domestic sewage, industrial waste water and roofing. Rainwater, sewage (wastewater), industrial waste water and rainwater are set to discharge pipes, known as diversion systems; two or more types of combinations in a pipeline are called combined flow systems; the requirements for different forms according to the water quality conditions and locations are determined after technical and economic comparisons.

2, industrial pipeline
Industrial pipeline is an industrial pipeline. Industrial pipelines can be further subdivided into process pipelines and power pipelines. In general, the flow pipeline refers to the pipeline that directly conveyed the main material (medium) of the product, also called the material pipe, and the power pipeline refers to the pipeline that conveyed the power medium for the production equipment such as steam pipe, air pressure pipe, nitrogen pipe, cyclopentane and other production equipment. Paraffin pipes, oxygen pipes, etc. Power lines affect the normal operation of production.

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