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ASTM A53 Pipeline Preesure

Date:2018-06-11    View:748      Tag:ASTM A53 Pipeline Preesure
The components of the pressure pipe are generally standard parts, such as the ASTM A53 pipe or the ASTM A106 pipe, so the design of the pressure pipe components is mainly used for the selection of the standard parts. The pressure grade of the pipe is determined by the level of the standard parts. The company is located in:

The pressure grade of the pipe consists of two parts:

Nominal pressure standard pipe nominal pressure grade;
The wall thickness of a standard tube depends on the thickness of the wall.

Pipeline pressure grade: pipes are usually determined by the nominal pressure grade and wall thickness of standard pipes. The characteristics of the pipes can reflect the pressure characteristics of the pipeline, which is called the pressure grade. Usually, in order to simplify the description, the nominal pressure piping fittings in the pipeline are usually referred to as pressure levels.

The determination of pressure level is the basis of pressure piping design and the core of design. This is the design precondition for pressure piping layout and stress inspection of pressure piping, and is also an important factor affecting investment in pressure piping and reliability of pipeline.

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