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ASTM A795 Pipe

Date:2018-06-14    View:913      Tag:ASTM A795 Pipe
Standard Specification for ASTM A795 for black and hot dip galvanized (Galvanized) and seamless steel tubes for fire protection

The specification covers black and hot dip galvanized (Galvanized) welded and seamless steel tubes for fire protection. The pipe can be bent but not suitable for bending at ambient temperature, where the inner diameter of the bend is less than twelve times the outer diameter of the bent pipe. Steel should be in accordance with the required chemical components. Hydrostatic pressure test shall be carried out for each section of pipe and no leakage can be made through the pipe wall. As an alternative to hydrostatic tests, when the buyer accepts, each pipe should be tested with non-destructive electrical methods. Finally, the flattening test is carried out according to the resistance welded pipe and the furnace tube welded pipe.

The diameter of the ASTM A795 tube is NPS 1/2 to NPS 10.
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