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Seamless round tube and seamless square tube

Date:2018-05-02    View:790      Tag:Seamless round tube and seamless square tube
Seamless steel tubes can be divided into two types. One is a seamless round tube, and the other is  seamless square tube. The seamless tube is the most important use in the pipeline and machinery industries, such as oil pipelines and natural gas pipelines. Natural gas pipelines, etc.; machinery industry, the automobile is a seamless steel made from a half shaft, as well as a bicycle steel frame, and is used as a material for boiler production. Seamless steel tubes are mainly used in the construction industry.

Seamless steel pipes need anti-rust paint before pipelines, and seamless square pipes are mainly divided into galvanized and hot-dip galvanized ways by first, galvanized and galvanized. We usually see galvanized seamless. Square steel pipes are generally hot dip galvanized due to hot dip. Galvanized seamless steel pipe is much larger than galvanized seamless steel pipe. Because the main use of seamless steel pipe is for building steel structures, color steel houses, etc., it is bound to be subject to wind and rain erosion, corrosion and decay may occur for a long time. So it is necessary to have a protective film on the outside, but the paint looks too ugly and could not help but be exposed, so someone came up with a galvanized method. Sure enough, the galvanized seamless square tube has been greatly welcomed. Seamless square pipes are also used as main frames for motorcycles and electric cars. It can also send wires, etc. as pipes. There are many seamless steel pipe specifications, many have their own role In recent years, China's oil pipeline industry and steel construction industry is very rapid, but it also led to the development of seamless steel pipe, according to which we will become the world The largest seamless steel pipe producer.

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