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Seamless steel products

Date:2018-03-12    View:854      Tag:Seamless steel products
Classification of seamless steel tubes
1. Line tube.
Such as: water, gas pipes, steam pipes, seamless pipes, oil pipelines, oil and gas pipelines. Agricultural irrigation faucet with pipe and sprinkler pipe.

2. Thermal equipment tube.
Such as ordinary boiler boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler superheater tube, opal tube, small pipe, brick arch pipe, high temperature and high pressure boiler tube.

Third, the mechanical industry pipeline.
Such as aerostructure tubes (tubes, elliptical tubes, flat oval tubes), automotive shaft tubes, shaft tubes, structural tubes, automobile tractors, tractor oil cooler tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, transformer tubes, bearing tubes, and the like.

4. Petroleum geological drilling pipe.
Such as: oil drill pipe, drill pipe (Kelly, hexagonal drill), drill collar, tubing, casing and various accessories, geological drill pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drill collar pressure clamp, pin joints, etc. ).

5. Chemical pipeline.
Such as: oil cracking pipe, chemical equipment, pipe, pipe heat exchanger, acid-resistant stainless steel pipe, chemical fertilizer transmission and transmission pipe chemical pressure pipe.

6. Other department management.
Such as: container tube (high-pressure gas cylinder tube and container container ship), instrument tube, watch shell tube, needle and other medical equipment.
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