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Identification the Fake of Thick Walled Steel Pipes

Date:2018-03-13    View:1025      Tag:Identification the Fake of Thick Walled Steel Pipes
1. Poor thick walled steel pipe that can be easily folded.
2. Bad thick-walled steel pipes tend to scab.
3. The surface of counterfeit and inferior materials is easy to crack.
4. A fake thick-walled steel pipe is easy to scratch.
5. There is no poor quality thick-walled steel tube with metallic luster, light red, or similar pig iron color.
6. The fine and low transverse ribs of counterfeit thick-walled steel tubes often appear unsatisfactory.
7. False thick-walled steel tubes are oval in cross section.
8. Counterfeit thick-walled steel pipe material contains impurities and the steel density is too small.
9. Forging thick-walled steel pipe diameter size fluctuations.
10. The quality control of trademarks and prints is more standardized.
11. Three large-diameter pipes have a diameter of 16 or more, and the spacing between the two trademarks is above IM.
12. Longitudinal reinforcement of reinforced steel bars is usually wavy.
13. Counterfeit thick-walled steel pipe manufacturers do not drive, so the package is relatively loose. Both sides are oval
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