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Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe characteristics

Date:2018-02-02    View:1135      Tag:Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe characteristics
Precision seamless steel tubes with the traditional electric furnace + forging or forging billets and rolling. Product appearance bar, square, forgings. Turbine plant and then for further processing, but the process is more special, after processing the metal utilization rate of about 30%. After extrusion production mode, will have the following advantages:
1, precision hot-rolled seamless steel pipe in the best stress state, reducing the internal defects.
2, easy to achieve cross-section morphology diversity, adapt to varieties, small batch production.
3, uniforfeatures in various directions of performance hot rolled seamless pipe pipemity.

The main method of production extrusion process: electric furnace + electric furnace> forging or rolling - induction heating> extrusion - annealing.

Squeeze forging, rolling method is the difference:
1, precision seamless extrusion heating temperature than forging, rolling high 30-60 ℃;
2, deformation, high-speed (rebar, only 2-4s).
3, multi-step, high consumption of meta
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