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Characteristics of Pipe Cold Rolling

Date:2018-03-09    View:1100      Tag:Characteristics of Pipe Cold Rolling
After a series of cold rolled tubes have the following characteristics:
1. Through the organization of cold-rolled fine particle tubes, the mechanical and physical properties of the tube are superior to the upper computer;
2. The correction capability of the cold rolling mill is that the original pipe wall has large wall thickness deviation, high geometric accuracy, and low surface roughness;
3, transmission deformation is large, up to 70% to 85%;
4. The cold-rolled production pipe can greatly reduce intermediate processes such as heat treatment, pickling, primary straightening, straightening and cutting to reduce the consumption of metal materials, fuels, electricity and other auxiliary materials and humans;
5, the method of producing cold-rolled thin-walled, ultra-thin-wall, internal and external surfaces without scratching the quality tube;
6, effective rolling high alloy, poor toughness of various metal pipe.
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