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High-precision cold-drawn steel pipe production process and application

Date:2018-05-03    View:1055      Tag:High-precision cold-drawn steel pipe production process and application
      High-precision cold-drawn seamless steel pipe is a new type of high-tech energy-saving product. In recent years, the use of precision steel pipes produced by this technology has been widely used in domestic manufacturing fields such as hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, coal mine underground supports (pillars), oil pump pipes, and jacks. High-precision cold-drawn precision steel tubes promote the use of economizing steel, improve processing efficiency, save energy, and reduce investment in hydraulic cylinders and block processing equipment is very important.

Cold-drawing method: Producing high-precision cold-drawn tubes - Hydraulic cylinders and traditional cutting processes have the following characteristics:
(1) High production efficiency: The traditional way of producing 420 mm in diameter is 154 hours in a 12-meter-long cylinder, and only 4 minutes in a cold-drawing process.
(2) Reality of high rate: The boring play plays a guiding role in the cutting process. Due to the billet with its own deflection, it causes the deviation of the rolling head and the guillotine blade, causing waste. The authenticity rate can only reach about 60%, while the cold drawing method can produce 95% or more of the genuine rate.
(3) Utilization of precious metals: The conventional drilling method for manufacturing cylinders has a metal utilization rate of only 50-70%. With the production drawing method, the metal not only does not cut iron, but it can be extended by 30%, and the metal utilization rate can reach 95%.
(4) Improved finished tube metal for improved mechanical properties: The use of the drawing method enables the blank to obtain plastic deformation of more than 30%, which is greatly improved due to hardening and the limit processing of the finished tube metal strength. In general, the strength limit of the finished tube is increased by 60%.

The production process is as follows: Feed Appearance Inspection Mechanical Cleaning Mechanical Cleaning - Annealing - Straight - Tube Head Processing - Pickling - Neutralization - Washing - Gluing - Saponification - Pull - Inspection - Cutting - Honing Processing - Assembly Straightening Pressure Test - Packaging

(1) Engineering hydraulic machinery: such as hydraulic truck cranes, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, etc.
(2) Coal Mine Hydraulic Supports: The current status of production of downhole hydraulic supports for 48 companies and the total demand for high-precision cold-drawn 1.2 million meters. Correct
(3) Gate hoists and shuttering machines for hydropower stations, especially the Three Gorges Project of the Yangtze River, are in great demand in the next decade. Correct
(4) Construction Machinery: The construction of high-altitude operations for lifting machinery cannot be separated from hydraulic machinery. Correct
(5) Petroleum Geological Pipes: The annual consumption of high-precision pipes of 20,000-400,000 meters per year for pumping more than 30,000 sets of oil fields can be used to extract various drill pipes. Correct
(6) Weaponry Industry: The military sector is now using a spinning method for processing firearms. It is a low-productivity, high-cost spinning method that is more suitable for production with the cold-drawing method. Correct
(7) Bearing industry: The rolling bearing ring current produces round steel as raw material and is stamped after slicing. The large bearing seat also hollow hollow rod production, less than 40% of the metal utilization, high-precision urgent need, bearing steel thick-walled tube.
(8) Automobile industry: In the year of 1995, the precision shafts for transmission shafts were 6,000 tons, and 10,000 tons of shells and various oil pipelines. Correct
(9) Aviation: Thin-walled tubes and thick aluminum alloy landing gear. Correct
(10) Jack Industry: China's Jack manufacturing has considerable strength and export prospects. At present, the production of solid round rods utilizes the enterprise's production, low production efficiency, high material waste rate, and the urgent need for high-precision cold-drawn tubes. Correct
(11) Other fields: Various printing and dyeing rolls, roll tubes, stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, copper tubes, shaped tubes, inner and outer composite tubes, etc. can be used in production technology.

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