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LSAW Welding Machine

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LSAW welding machine is an automatic welding equipment, which can be automated through welding workpiece automation and mechanized linear welding. Straight seam welding machine, also known as automatic seam welding machine, longitudinal seam automatic welding machine, is an automatic welding machine. It can replace a lot of manpower, greatly improve the production efficiency and welding quality, reduce labor costs, and improve the working environment of welding workers. Such as the angle seam welding of the large transformer shell, the direct seam welding large cylinder, the direct seam welding of the solar water heater cylinder, the straight seam welding steel production line, the H type steel welding, etc., the straight seam welder is widely used.

LSAW pipe welding

The specific classification of the laser welder is as follows:
Welding car
The welding dolly is fixed on the welding workpiece, driven by the automobile motor, and the welding torch operates along the track to realize automatic welding. Generally speaking, the automatic welding device is composed of welding car, walking track, automatic control system and so on.

CZ series welding machine
The welding machine is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration welding equipment, which is generally applicable to the inner and outer seam seam welding and ring seam welding of the cylinder in the pressure vessel, the petrochemical container and so on. For large cylinder or pipe, container straight seam welding.

ZF / ZP series straight seam aircraft
ZF / ZP series straight seam welder is a kind of high quality, high efficiency, non deformation wall thickness complete thin wall cylinder of 0.5mm to 6mm, conical, flat or open square box butt joint longitudinal seam welding universal automatic welding machine.

Longmen welder
Longitudinal welding commonly used submerged arc welding or CO2 / MAG welding, mainly welding H type steel, mouth type, box beam and other plane butt welds or welded joint welded joint welded joint. The following figure is that the H type steel welding Longmen type welding gun can move around, and can also complete the corner weld with the Longmen frame.

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