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On October 30th, the 7th Baosteel Academic Annual Conference with the theme of “Green Steel, Smart Manufacturing” was opened at the China Baowu Central Research Institute.
      More than 450 business people, experts and scholars from industry associations, steel companies, research institutes and universities in 23 countries and regions gathered to focus on the changes of the times, sharing technological innovations and exploring practices around hot issues such as industrial restructuring and transformation. In the future, we will discuss the development of the steel industry.
      In the conference report entitled "Green Intelligent Development of the Iron and Steel Industry", the chairman of the China Metals Society and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering explained the connotation of the green development of the steel industry under the Internet era and analyzed the current status and trends of the green manufacturing development of the steel industry. The specific targets and measures for strengthening environmental protection and energy conservation were put forward.
      At the 11th China Iron and Steel Annual Meeting held in November 2017, Gan Yong pointed out that at the new historical starting point, the main contradiction facing the steel industry is the incompatibility of industrial structure and market competition, and the level of green development. Contradictions that the ecological environment needs are not adapted.
      “The integration of the two industries of steel industry (high-level integration of informationization and industrialization) has gradually deepened and formed a relatively complete multi-layered PCS-MES-ERP system, but there is still a big gap from the requirements of intelligent manufacturing. Digital, network, and intelligent level.” Gan Yong pointed out on October 30 that it is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the applicability of the mathematical model of the process is poor; the whole process planning and scheduling level is not high; the quality control of the whole life cycle is yet to be opened; There is a big gap in chain coordination; the level of management and control integration needs to be improved.
      He said that the overall task of the “13th Five-Year” process manufacturing development lies in: First, the key research and development tasks, aiming to examine the gap between China and international process manufacturing industry from the perspective of the whole industry chain and the innovation chain, based on green and intelligent integration. The overall thinking of R&D focuses on four key paths: manufacturing process structure optimization, next-generation eco-product technology enhancement, manufacturing-service intelligent platform establishment, and new business model establishment and operation.
      Secondly, improve the level of refinement, precision and intelligence of the whole process; integrate advanced product online testing technology and full-process quality monitoring technology to improve the quality stability, reliability and application of key products in national and major national engineering and high-end equipment manufacturing. ; implement the material genome project, use the "molecular manufacturing" technology to promote a new generation of ecological products; use the intelligent means of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other means to establish a full-process manufacturing and service platform; build manufacturing and society and other industries Complementary ecological chain and industrial chain.
      Bao Zhigang’s party secretary and chairman Dai Zhihao said at the annual meeting that “green steel, smart manufacturing” is the two major themes of the global steel industry*, the survival of “green steel” related enterprises, and the “smart manufacturing” relationship enterprise. development of.
      When talking about the impact of new technologies on the industry, Dai Zhihao believes that artificial intelligence and new technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds, becoming the core focus of a new round of industrial transformation in the world. The future has come, artificial intelligence is fully empowering all walks of life, and intelligent manufacturing brought about by the combination of manufacturing is the core content of a new round of industrial transformation. Whether it is intelligent manufacturing or smart manufacturing, it is a new "industrial revolution", which represents the development trend of global manufacturing industry, is one of the signs of future steel mills, and the only way for steel companies to achieve high-quality development. Smart manufacturing can not only promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to high-efficiency, high value-added modern industrial system, but also contains a series of new formats and new models of growth space, the operation mode, production organization and supply chain management of traditional enterprises. The business model presents a new challenge that will inevitably lead to disruptive innovation. Iron and steel enterprises are an important part of the manufacturing industry. They must grasp the development direction of the world's cutting-edge technologies, vigorously promote smart manufacturing, break through a number of smart manufacturing key technologies, form solutions with significant influence, and promote manufacturing, quality control, equipment management, The ability of marketing management, labor efficiency and other aspects has been greatly improved, and the transformation and development of global steel enterprises has been promoted.
      In this forum, Chen Derong, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Baowu, expressed his views on "promoting the green development of the steel ecosystem with the technological revolution." Chen Derong pointed out that it is necessary to achieve high-quality development of the steel industry on the premise of meeting environmental constraints. The rapid tightening of environmental protection policies and the strengthening of market-oriented regulation and control have all pushed the technological innovation of the steel industry to focus on green manufacturing technology. To solve the two ills that restrict the spatial layout and organizational structure of the high-quality development of China's steel industry, it is necessary to rely on external thrust.
      The report pointed out that innovations in steel process technology will focus on green manufacturing technology. The core of the steel technology revolution in the past two hundred years is to solve the "efficiency" problem. The core of the future steel technology revolution is to solve the "clean manufacturing" problem. This is not only the requirement of an increasingly strict external environment, but also the inherent requirement of the development of the steel industry itself. He believes that the contradiction between cities and steel mills is a unique phenomenon in the short-term of Chinese society, and will inevitably lead to harmonious coexistence. To solve this contradiction, the current steel production process featuring long processes must evolve to a compact manufacturing process, reducing consumption and reducing emissions.
      Chen Derong also introduced the practice of China Baowu to build a green steel ecosystem. He said that since the establishment of China Baowu, with the mission of creating a “co-construction and sharing of the steel ecosystem”, the company adheres to the “ecological” concept, adheres to green development, promotes green production with intelligent manufacturing, and adopts “green smart factory-green smart enterprise”. The gradual construction process of the “Green Smart Industry” affects and radiates the entire steel ecosystem, promotes the transformation of the green and intelligent layers of the ecological circle, and strives to become a model for the harmonious coexistence of cities and steel mills. Through large-scale investment in new environmental technologies and new equipment, determine the roadmap for low-carbon process technology innovation, realize the breakthrough of technological innovation in green low-carbon technology, and embark on a road of integration of production and green development. He pointed out that in order to cope with the pressure of urban steel mills, China Baowu seeks a "distributed, network-based, platform-based, short-flow" layout structure, accelerates the research and development and manufacture of green products; accelerates the pace of mergers and acquisitions, and actively eliminates backwardness through joint restructuring. To promote the green transformation of the industry. He said that in the era of great change, China Baowu takes "the leader of the global steel industry" as its corporate vision, and will continue to increase investment in research and development, leading the way for China and the global steel industry to develop green.
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