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Scarring Causes of Inferior SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-02-22    View:518      Tag:Scarring Causes of Inferior SSAW Steel Pipe
Spiral submerged arc welded pipe surface quality is poor because of the two scars easily:
(1) uneven quality of low quality spiral steel material.
(2) low-quality materials manufacturers to guide and protect the equipment is not good, easy to stick steel, easy to produce these impurities after the scrunchy roller scarring.

Low quality spiral steel thin and low transverse ribs, often enough dissatisfaction phenomenon, because manufacturers want to achieve large negative tolerances, to complete the first few before reducing too much, iron small, too full of dissatisfaction. There are 22 reasons for the lack of metallic sheen, light red or pig-iron-like steel, that is, the blank. Low rolling temperature is not up to standard steel temperature, can not be rolled austenitic zone procedures, can not achieve the natural performance of steel.

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