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Definition and advantages of high speed steel pipe

Date:2018-05-29    View:844      Tag:Definition and advantages of high speed steel pipe
Spiral submerged arc welding (spiral) steel pipe is the full name of the Lsaw pipe. The strip is sent to the welded pipe unit, multi roll rolling, and the strip is rolled up to form a circular pipe with opening clearance, adjusting the reduced extrusion roll to control the weld gap between 1 and 3mm, and make both ends of the weld flat. The spiral welded pipe is made of spiral material and welded by internal and external submerged arc welding, so as to produce different specifications of spiral welded pipe.

Spiral submerged arc welded pipe has many advantages over other welded pipes.
(A) there are two overlapping spiral welds inside and outside the pipe, which will increase the rigidity and increase the bearing pressure.
(two) the submerged arc welding process has the effect of slag prevention. Therefore, it has good impact toughness and low temperature performance.
(C) using the same width of steel strip can produce steel of different diameters and lengths, with good flatness. Easy to adjust, precise in size, no need to set and straighten after welding
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